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Have you heard about Mycobacterium vaccae yet?


2815842_fc6fc9e2Have you heard about Mycobacterium vaccae yet? It is a type of good bacteria that you breathe in when you spend time in nature or dig in your  garden. M. vaccae was discovered on accident during an experiment to find a cure for lung cancer, after boosting the immune system it was also  observed that patients “emotional health, vitality, and cognitive function” had improved.

Christopher Lowry, a neuroscientist at the University of Bristol in England, had a hunch about how this process might work. “What we think  happens is that the bacteria activate immune cells, which release chemicals called cytokines that then act on receptors on the sensory nerves to  increase their activity,” he says.

Current studies are using this bacteria to shorten treatment for MDR-TB (multi-drug resistant tuberculosis) which will revolutionize TB care  and control.

Within the last 10 years M. vaccae has been shown to:

– increase activity…

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