All-natural all purpose anti-bacterial cleaner

This replaces most cleaners that are not for specialty surfaces.

50/50 water/vinegar
Some choose to filter their water, but I don’t find it necessary. This is more for people who have truly bad or contaminated water.
Some choose apple cider vinegar aka acv but I find that it does NOT mix with the scent of  some essential oils. I prefer to use white vinegar.

Now you can choose what fits into your life style.

1. Put citrus peels in the vinegar and let soak. Be sure to clean off the white part.

2. Add some lemon or lime juice.

3. Add essential oil(s) of choice. In a 32 ounce bottle add 10 – 20 drops total.

CAUTION: essential oils are not to be taken internally and can cause irritation if left on the skin.

tea tree : antiviral – antibacterial – antimicrobial – antifungal
eucalyptus : antiviral – antibacterial
orange : antiviral – antibacterial
lavender : antibacterial – insect repellant
lemon : antiviral
spanish sage : antiviral – antibacterial
thyme : antiviral – antibacterial – antimicrobial – anti-lice
clove : antibacterial – antimicrobial
cinnamon bark : antiviral – antimicrobial
pine : antiviral – antibacterial
basil : antiviral – antibacterial – insect repellant


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